Friday, February 23, 2007

Magazine issue

By the way,I subscribe to Astronomy issue(Featured below),Planet Earth's best selling astronomical magazine issue.When you order:
12 issues,get 39% off!
24 issues,get 44% off!
36 issues,get 46% off!


POP said...

Oh thanks UA,now I know where I can get astronomical magazines and this offer will be a good excuse to my parents to let me order!Thanks a lot!

Coere said...

Why didnt you subscribe to Sky and Telescope?Its cheap and good!

Universal Astronomer said...

Thats easy to say for you.not all of us here are americans in the U.S..I live in Singapore where the U.S. money rate is 1.6 times.that means in order to exchange for U.S.$1,I have to pay Singapore $1.60.

Universal Astronomer said...

I order this Astronomy magazine since last year.My first issue is the March 2007 issue